As part of the research in the MultiDrone Project, one of our consortiums investigates how drones can support journalistic work in an innovative way. The project plan foresees a set of evaluation scenarios due in the third project year, when the custom-made MultiDrone UAVs are ready to fly. In order to gain more experience with hands on drone-cinematography until then, DW has started experimenting with off-the-shelf drones. One of those experiments was the trip to the Meteora region in Greece, in August 2018. There, a DW-team used three drones (Mavic Pro, Mavic Air, Inspire 2) to closely follow two climbers exploring the wonderful mountain peaks in the area.

In October 2018, the project took it a step closer to the actual MultiDrone production scenario: A live rowing regatta. Not just any regatta, but the famous ‘Rund um Wannsee’, one of the longest races in the world, set in the beautiful lake area in the southwest of Berlin. Two drone teams, each featuring a pilot and a spotter, took part in this experiment. One drone was used for high level overviews, two more for the close-up coverage. The teams were supported by two additional camera teams along the race track. Check out the results in final video here:

To read more about the challenges and learnings from the experiment, check out the MultiDrone Website and follow the progress there.

This article including the video was originally posted on the Multidrone Blog and was reposted here with permission.