Deutsche Welle (DW) is Germany’s international broadcaster. Founded in 1953 as a traditional radio station, DW has steadily evolved into a modern digital media operation in the last two decades.

DW Innovation is the moniker of two interoperable institutions under its roof: DW Research and Cooperations Projects (DW ReCo) and DW Lab.

DW ReCo is a reliable and highly experienced partner for media research and innovation projects. Its expertise covers many fields at the crossroads of journalism, IT, and media science: data-driven journalism, drone journalism, immersive journalism, content personalization, content verification, distributed ledgers, human language technology – the list goes on. DW ReCo develops media use cases and dissemination concepts. It provides multimedia content and creates user interfaces, it validates and evaluates. With increasing frequency, DW ReCo also launches finished software products.

DW Lab is a special place for media experiments within DW. The lab team looks for innovative ideas in digital journalism across all DW departments – and helps to bring them to fruition: Candidates are chosen via applications and pitches, and are eventually invited to the lab. This is where they meet a carefully selected, interdisciplinary team. Over the course of two weeks, the “labsters” collaboratively create a working prototype – which may subsequently become a part of DW’s programming or infrastructure.

DW ReCo and DW Lab frequently cooperate and switch staff.

Drop us a line: innovation@dw.com