Key Visual DW Innovation
Key Visual DW Innovation

5 Big Links – February 2014

Short and sweet: Five links that lead to novel views about media, tech and innovation.

  1. With everybody talking about "First Look Media" and "The Intercept" you might wonder who's behind it.
    Uncover the team around Pierre Omidyar and Glenn Greenwald. via

  2. How the future internet will drive innovation in Europe.
    Meet the influencers of technology & innovation at the 1st European Conference on the Future Internet.

  3. How to separate fakes from facts in the online world?
    Learn how to verify User Generated Content via EJC's newly published verification handbook. If interested please follow our new project Reveal (via website or twitter) and get your weekly updates on Social Media verification.

  4. Improve your data visualization skills by learning from good examples.
    Or get in contact with people who can help you do it. via

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