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AI4Media Project Publishes Seven White Papers

AI4Media, the "center of excellence delivering next generation AI research and training at the service of media, society and democracy", recently put out seven white papers related to media industry use cases. All of them are now available for free on the project's website.

The reports constitute a great source of information for AI researchers, media practitioners and policymakers, also covering the topic of Trustworthy AI. They can be accessed and downloaded via the following links:

  1. AI Support Needed to Counteract Disinformation
  2. AI for News - The Smart News Assistant
  3. AI in Vision: High Quality Video Production & Content Automation
  4. AI Techniques and Tools for Social Sciences and Humanities Research
  5. AI for Video Game Testing and Music Processing
  6. Exploring AI Music Composition Tools for Humans
  7. AI Technology in Image & Video Organisation

Report Nr. 1 was authored by DW Innovation. It's an ideal starting point for researchers and AI tech developers looking to support fact-checkers and verification experts. The paper complements other DW Innovation work in the field of verification, which remains one of our team's focus topics.

To learn more about AI4MEDIA, check out this kick-off post – and our four-part blog series on AI for Verification (I, II, III, IV).

For updates on AI4MEDIA, keep an eye on the project's official website and LinkedIn Page.

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