Image shows a lot of party balloons in DW blue.
Image shows a lot of party balloons in DW blue.
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An R&B party for the R&D people

Hello & welcome to our new website! That's a sentence people used to put in posts at the turn of the century, but I have to admit: I'm still partial to it, and it seems very fitting today.

That's because this site is actually: brand new. New design, new CMS, new deployment, more content than ever before – and better accessibility. I'm really proud of this relaunch. First of all, because it was a true team effort. And secondly, because everything was ready just in time. Which brings me to our little birthday party:

Even though the "ReCos", "Innos", or "DW Innovation people" have been around for much longer than a decade, it wasn't until late 2012 that they were officially constituted as a unit, with official titles and external visibility. December 2012 saw DW Innovation tweet and blog for the first time, so we have a proper 10-year social media anniversary. Yay!

To celebrate, we're publishing no less than three special posts on this completely overhauled site today:

Birgit Gray has a brilliant recap of our 10-year ride on the digital media innovation roller coaster.

Ellen Heinrichs (of the Bonn Institute) tells you what she thinks is so special about the DW R&D people.

And of course, I'm writing this post, which isn't 100% complete yet. That's because I still have to give credit to the people without whom none of this would've been possible.

Thank you:

  • Ruben Bouwmeester – for lots of UX/UI work and good ideas.
  • Philipp Gellenthin & team – for design guidelines and compliance monitoring.
  • Andy Giefer – for technical advice and admin work.
  • Birgit Gray – for the ride down memory lane.
  • Ellen Heinrichs – for the heartfelt birthday gift.
  • Kay Macquarrie – for being an incredibly friendly and strict ambassador of accessibility.
  • Tilman Miraß – for being a great front-end developer.
  • Wilfried Runde – for trusting the team and the process.
  • Tilman Wagner – for funky (last minute) AI images.

More props go out to the entire, rapidly growing DW Innovation team (ReCos + Lab), everybody who's contributed to our blog since 2012, DW corporate communications, all our partners, and – last, but not least – the media tech people who frequently read, share, and interact with our content.

Cheers. And thanks again. Here's to the next ten years!

Alexander Plaum