Call for Participation: Global Data Journalism Survey 2017

If you are a journalist, what is your approach to data?

Newsrooms are under constant pressure to find new ways for trustable, relevant reporting. One avenue to the future is using data on a regular basis–as a source, a tool, a service. This is easier said than done, though. Many journalists only have limited access to development resources. And introducing new workflows can be a long and complicated process. On the other hand, the high availability of data offers great oppurtunities, especially as there are now lots of attractive tools that make it easy to validate, filter, and visualize data sets.

The term "data journalism" or–to be more more precise–"data-driven journalism" has been widely discussed among media professionals. Yet its status quo still remains unclear.
Has it become easier to get into data or are there still too many barriers?

A study recently launched by Bahareh Heravi (University College Dublin) and our colleague Mirko Lorenz (also co-founder of Datawrapper) wants to find out.

If you are a journalist or communicator, we kindly ask you to take ten minutes, sit back, and complete this survey.

It will be the starting point of "Data-driven journalism: A global study", which is all about getting fresh insights and efficiently promoting the use of data in journalism.

Bahareh and Mirko plan on presenting first results at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia (April 5th–9th, 2017).

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Alexander Plaum