CoSyne Automated Translation & Synchronization Software Available

The CoSyne project (Multilingual Content Synchronization with wikis), in which Deutsche Welle Innovation takes part, is nearing its end. CoSyne targets to find a solution to the current problem of comparing and updating wiki pages on the same subject in different language versions.

DW Innovation has made a short film to get you up to date on the challenges we find in Machine Translation.

The CoSyne multilingual synchronization tool offers a combination of machine translation, textual entailment and concept analysis. The result is a tool which compares texts by means of concept finding and multilingual textual entailment. This way we avoid text duplication first. Subsequently it synchronizes the texts through automated translation of the non-duplicating content.

The system can be used as wiki synchronization tool, as compilation tool and as editorial collaboration tool. CoSyne covers four primary languages, i.e. English, German, Dutch and Italian. In addition, basic versions for Turkish and Bulgarian are included.

The final prototype of the open source CoSyne multilingual synchronization tool is now available via sourceforge.