DW Innovation To Participate in Europe’s First Newsgame Hackathon

The Cologne Game Lab and the Good Evil games studio are set to host Europe's first newsgame hackathon next month in Cologne, Germany, as a Kick-off event for the 5th international computer game conference Clash of Realities.

Journalists, programmers, game designers and illustrators are invited to rethink how games can be used to reach, inform and engage readers. The participants will have 48 hours to draft and code a prototype newsgame.

Hackathons are an original form of idea creation. Over the past two years, events like this gained importance. People with miscellaneous backgrounds come together and use technology to transform ideas into reality. Events like this offer the possibility to solve a problem or sketch an idea or programme an application from scratch.

Deutsche Welle Innovation will join the challenge in Cologne, on May 6th and 7th. Rebekka Drobbe, Hannes Rohde and Cosmin Cabulea will take part in the newsgame hackathon.

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