Picture shows a partial view of the Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision in Hilversum | Credits: https://unsplash.com/photos/UNRpZWL2rSw

Europeana Sub: It's A Wrap!

Kicked-off in early June 2021 and completed in late November 2022, the CEF's Europeana Sub(titled) project contributed a lot to making one of our favorite virtual libraries even more attractive and accessible. DW Innovation was involved from beginning to end.

Before listing the results of Europeana Sub, let's take a quick look at the consortium and its original objectives again. Cinecittà Luce, DW, ERT, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, kites, Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid, RTVE, RVTSLO, Translated, TVR, and Europeana itself set out to:

  • aggregate new high-quality AV content on Europeana around the theme of "Broadcasting Europe"

  • create significantly more English subtitles for videos on the platform

  • foster the reuse of Europeana content in different contexts (and thus engage a wider audience)

At the end of 2022, the consortium had successfully:

  • published ca. 7,800 new videos by 7 broadcasters (DW provided 500+ clips)

  • produced subtitles (and captions) in English for 26,000 videos (2,000+ hours of footage) using state-of-the-art ASR and MT technology; the systems processed 2700 DW clips alone; a total of 3000 videos have been validated by professional translators so far, 600 more checked during community events; the subtitles will soon be available on the platform (after player/interface updates)

  • published 17 blog articles, 12 galleries, and 1 online exhibition; 4 pieces were written/curated by us, namely Radio on TV, "Never Tune in to RIAS again", How Audre Lorde Made Black and Feminist History in Germany and beyond, and Portable Record Players (finally: a couple of links due to manageable numbers!)

Now that's a big green checkmark on all objectives, right?

We're happy to have been a part of Europeana Sub–and we're pretty sure more media archive projects are coming up soon.

Alexander Plaum
Tim Koch