EUscreenXL – Unique Historical Footage

Are you interested in professionally produced footage of the past 100 years that mostly has not been published on the Internet before? Keen on accessing videos of historical events such as the fall of the Iron Curtain in the late 1980's? Would you like to watch an interview with Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper from 1969 about their movie Easy Rider?

EUscreen–an Internet portal of European broadcasters and archives–is just the right thing for you.

The initiative EUscreenXL brought together more than 20 European broadcasters and audiovisual archives to create a unique web portal containing footage from the past century. The project's portal offers free online access to tens of thousands of items of audiovisual heritage in seventeen languages. It provides clips that grant insight into the social, cultural, political and economic events that have shaped the 20th and 21st centuries. EUscreen is also a resource for educators, researchers and media professionals searching for new audiovisual content from across Europe.

EUscreenXL (running from 2013-2016) has received funding from the European Commission and has a history lasting one full decade: while its predecessors Video Active (2006-2009) and EUscreen (2009-2012) focused on providing access to TV content hidden in the archives and, respectively, bringing this TV heritage in a context, EUscreenXL acted as the pan-European audiovisual content aggregator for Europeana, Europe's cultural Internet portal.

Officially the project EUscreenXL has ended on 29 February 2016. Luckily the official project end does not mean the end of this outstanding initiative: EUscreen has become a so-called knowledge hub within Europeana. It will be the Expert Hub for the Curation of Europe's Audiovisual Heritage and ensures that the EUscreen portal will be maintained.

Deutsche Welle has been a member in all three aforementioned projects: Video Active, EUscreen, and EUscreenXL. The Innovation Projects team has managed the project work at DW and ensured that more than 2,000 items from the television archive have been published on the project portal. Additionally, it has provided small metadata sets for more than 50,000 items on Deutsche Welle's Media Center to Europeana making them also accessible via the Europeana portal. Deutsche Welle will act as a supporting member in the Europeana knowledge hub and, thus, continue its commitment to EUscreen.

For further information please contact Tim Koch.

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