Fader 2.0: Building a Collaborative Online Platform for VR Journalists

Remember Fader, the journalistic VR tool created by Vragments? The prototype has only been online since December 2016–and already the project is ready to move to the next level.

In yet another Google DNI project, Vragments has teamed up with Euronews and us to create a tweaked version of Fader fit to be part of something bigger: a collaborative, feature-rich platform ready for enterprise use.

While Vragments will handle the cutting edge tech and dive deep into WebVR (pun intented), we and our colleagues at EN will focus on better workflows, i.e.:

  • conduct interviews with 360/immersive journalists
  • review VR journalism best practices
  • do thorough requirements engineering
  • make sure the finished software works smoothly with legacy systems

The Fader 2.0 project was officially kicked-off in February and will run until April 2018. Updates will be featured in this blog and on Twitter (watch out for the hashtag #faderstories). We also hope to publish interesting anecdotes and insights from the emerging world of VR journalism occasionally.

As talking about VR tools is also a bit like dancing about architecture, we'll wrap up this post with two stories recently created with the beta version of Fader (links will open in new tabs):

-> Women's March on NYC
-> Malteserhof

Alexander Plaum