GoURMET Project: New, Free Web Tool Allows for Translation Into Seven Low-Resource Languages

Great news from the world of HLT (that’s Human Language Technology): In the scope of the GoURMET project, our partners at the BBC have completed a very useful tool called GoURMET translate. It helps non-expert users translate text from and into a number of low-resource languages – currently Amharic, Bulgarian, Gujarati, Kyrgyz, Serbian, Swahili and Turkish.

The GoURMET project, funded by the EU's H2020 program and kicked-off in early 2019, is about improving neural machine translation for low-resource language pairs and domains (for more information, read this blog post). GoURMET is a very technical project, and a lot of its outcome (like translation models or APIs) is for experts only. However, the new GoURMET translate is a tool that everybody can use, hands down.

Just like Google Translate or DeepL, there's a nice, clean web interface which can be accessed from basically any desktop computer or mobile device. Just type or copy/paste your text and hit that "translate" button.

The GoURMET translation user interface.

GoURMET translate is free of charge and will be refined and expanded over the course of the GoURMET project. The tool was built by a team of BBC engineers using React, Node.js/Express.js, and TypeScript (GoURMET consortium member Susie Coleman explains in more detail in this post).

If you have any questions regarding the tool or would like to provide feedback, please send an email to: For the latest updates, bookmark You can also follow the consortium on Twitter and LinkedIn.

(Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash)

Alexander Plaum
Kay Macquarrie