Hack the Newsroom: Innovation Adventures in Berlin and Paris

One win plus loads of positive new insights: Members of the innovation team took part in two "Hackathons" organized by the Global Editors Network in June 2013.

The goal was to develop prototypes of novel data-driven applications usable for newsrooms in two days. In Berlin the team consisting of Xiegong Fischer (Editor at Deutsche Welle), Cosmin Cabulea and Mirko Lorenz (Innovation projects) presented an application called "I pay this, you pay that" in order to crowdsource local costs of living and to make them comparable by re-calculating the data into "working minutes". You can find the contributions from all other teams in Berlin over here.

Presentation at the HackathonDW ReCo

Two weeks after winning in Berlin the team was invited to the Global Editors Network News Summit in Paris, the finals of a string of worldwide hackathons. In Paris the team created an application called "The Education Equation", an interactive tool to help young people (and their parents) to choose the right profession, in part by calculating potential lifetime income and factoring in risks of certain professions such as "burn-out". Both prototypes are online. Go & check them out!

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