How to Verify? Explore Workflows and Tools for Verification

Can you verify this video asap? This is a question we have heard many times. Unfortunately, there is (still) no tool that can just do it, verify the video. Take all the challenging work out of our hands and come back with clear and trustworthy results.

Fortunately, there are many methods to confirm the authenticity and veracity of digital content. And there is a multitude of tools that can help to gather the information we need to be able to decide on whether something is real or not.

There are many verification and OSINT toolkits out there, what we want to add to those valuable collections is the combination of workflows and tools. Thus, we built an interactive knowledge graph. Where possible we added the tricks that help you to find the needle in the haystack. We hope this knowledge base is useful for all journalists and investigators, those that just started in the field of verification and those who want to share their knowledge.

At DW Innovation we started the KID2 project in January 2022, aiming to use AI technologies to help journalists with the more complex parts of video verification. To find out where we can help them, we needed to analyze all our video verification workflows and tools. That process inspired us to create a knowledge graph with verification workflows and tools for all sorts of digital media, including source analyses.

Three steps of creating an interactive knowledge graph.DW Innovation

Sharing is Caring

You might find that our knowledge base is not complete. Tools that are not freely available or have a low accuracy and are therefore not useful yet (e.g. deepfake detectors) are not included in this knowledge graph. If you have any verification workflows or tools that you feel should be added to this website, please contact us via the feedback functionality on the How To Verify website.

We will continue our work on this knowledge base, including your feedback with the aim to come to a complete overview of valuable and open available verification workflows and tools.

We are looking forward to hearing from you! The KID2 team

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