KID Project Releases Toolbox for Verification Rookies

DW's KID project has high ambitions: It aims for better verification through AI-supported Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools. But it also wants to increase media and information literacy (MIL) among young media users and aspiring journalists. In the scope of this mission, KID has now released a "verification toolbox".

The toolbox is a minisite where newcomers to the world of verification, fact checking and debunking will find everything they need to get started.

It is split into two parts: The first one is a glossary that briefly explains relevant key terms (e.g. the difference between verification, fact checking and debunking), whereas the second one offers an intro to the process of analyzing content (gut check, mindset!), along with a collection of tools and services (e.g. a browser plug-in that helps with reverse image search).

The toolbox is available for free and will be updated and maintained continuously. Bookmark it now:

KID TOOLBOX–Learn to verify!

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