Let’s Socialize Around Media

We have just started a new innovation project about Second Screen and content syndication.

SAM is about the multiscreen media environment, where people consume and interact with content on multiple screens – alongside with other digital and social activities. This new media ecosystem consists of connected “Second” Screen devices, enriched media and TV experiences, user engagement and social interaction.But do media content creators and users have the right tools and platforms to make the most of these new opportunities?

SAM develops a new type of social media and content delivery platform by combining technologies such as Content Syndication, Second Screen, Social Media and Dialogue Systems. What is Sam's innovation? Instead of users reaching for TV related data it is the data, which reaches the user through a content syndication approach and their "Second" Screen.

Deutsche Welle is a user partner and contributes to a Second Screen content showcase, user requirements, user validation and is lead of dissemination.

Bring me to the SAM website !

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