Meet Us @ Digitale Leute Summit 2019

When? November 27th & 29th Where? Palladium, Cologne, Germany What is it? The Digitale Leute Summit (digitale Leute = digital people) is a two-day conference focused on digital product development. It brings together professionals from a variety of backgrounds, e.g. software engineers, designers, product- and digital managers, startup CEOs).

DLS workshops, keynotes, talks, interviews, and panels offer insights into state-of-the-art tools and strategies used by top players when creating or relaunching products for a digital market. The summit organizers also put together side program that includes interactive art installations, electronic live music, and–of course–a Digitale Leute party.

Why are we there?

As a media company, DW is always focused on  building high quality digital products–so we're looking for inspiration and interesting conversations with colleagues from other companies and organisations. We've also been asked to contribute to DLS.

On the second day of the event, we'll moderate three fireside chats:

Building Successful Digital Healthcare Products–How to Prioritize Work in Engineering, Product and Design Teams
Moderator: Tilman Wagner (DW Innovation)
Interview Partner: Stephanie Kaiser (Heartbeat Labs and Council to the Federal Government)
28.11., 11:35h | Details

How to Make Service Design an Integral Part of the Product Development Team
Moderator: Mirko Lorenz (DW Innovation)
Interview Partners: Markus Kuchnia and Philipp Panizza (both: Interhyp)
28.11., 14:05h | Details

Putting UX on the Driver's Seat–How to Stay Customer-Centric and Deliver Fast
Moderator: Mirko Lorenz (DW Innovation)
Interview Partner: Oliver Pitsch (Trusted Shops)
28.11., 14:34h | Details

Furthermore, our colleagues Emiko Beising-Keuck and Mary-Ann Sprenger (both: DW Product Development/Digital Platforms) will join a panel on product, UX, tech, and the relaunch of DW's online platforms:

Project-Product-Transformation–where agile meets classic
Other panelists: Niels Anhalt (nexum) and Andreas Melzner (Cologne Intelligence)
28.11., 16:40h | Details

Check out the full program of Digitale Leute Summit 2019 here.

If you're attending #DLSummit and would like to learn more about our work, don't hesitate to get in touch with Mirko or Tilman–or stop by the official DW tech recruiting booth.

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