Meet Us @ DLD15

When: 18–20 January 2015

Where: HVB Forum, Munich, Germany

What is it?

"Digital Life Design" (DLD for short) is a conference organised and financed by German media publishinghouse Burda Digital. Since its kick-off in 2005, DLD expanded into a global network, introducing various event schemes and topical formats like DLDwomen.

As always DLD15 is not shy of big names while trying to live-up to its legacy as a top notch hub, enabling inspiring creative collision and cross-fertilization between diverse business sectors. Thus rather on a par with TED-like events and obviously believing in "the adjacent possible", DLD15 gathers a wide range of speakers and attendees from politics to education to media and, obviously, technology.

Why are we there?

If "Europe's hottest conference invitation" finds its way into your inbox there are not too many second guesses before you click the reply button and give in to the temptation offering a chance to verify whether this quote is really appropriate.

Hot or not: We will of course focus on media and technology topics and are eagerly looking forward to contributions from Arianna Huffington (no less), Kate Lewis from Hearst Digital, Mike Butcher from TechCrunch and Tony Haile from Chartbeat, to name just a tiny fraction from the impressive speakers list.

Furthermore we're curious to hear both MEP and former "Information and Media" Commissioner Viviane Reding and Günther Oettinger, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, talk about funding and fostering (digital) innovation in Europe. Last but not least we will be eagerly checking out the intersections with related fields like design, culture, entertainment and (obviously again) technology.

We will deliver highlights and snapshots from the conference via our Twitter channel (Hashtag: #DLD15). Get in touch with DW Innovation's Wilfried Runde directly or via @dw_innovation to find out more.

P.S.: Psst, Giorgio Moroder is there, too. A hero. An icon. Polish your mirror ball!

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