Meet Us @ Global Media Forum 2019

When? 27--28 May, 2019 Where? World Conference Center Bonn, Germany

What is it? DW's international conference for representatives from media, politics and civil society to exchange ideas on global trends. GMF is held once a year, and recent instalments have drawn an audience of 2000+ people.

Why are we there?

DW is hosting it, the discussed topics are highly relevant for us – and we’re going to have our own booth – or more precisely: a booth we share with Project LIMES (which is run by us and Contentflow).

Find us on the ground floor in the main building (booth #15):

Floor plan GMF

Naturally, we're not just going to hand out flyers and business cards–we've prepared a full program with demos, presentations, and talks:

Monday, May 27th

10:15-11:00h   Welcome & Introduction to Project LIMES & DW Innovation
11:15-12:00h   Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers: Project Bloomen
12:15-13:00h   Algorithms & Personalization: Project CPN
13:15-14:00h   Human Language Technology @ DW: news.bridge & GoURMET
14:15-15:00h   Business & Data Journalism: Project euBusinessGraph
15:15-16:00h   Data-Driven Journalism & Visual Journalism @ DW
16:15-17:00h   Project LIMES & DW Innovation: general Q&A

Not at the LIMES/DW Innovation booth, but also closely linked to our projects and networks:

Journalists or robots? Pitching session and award ceremony of DW's first Media Start-up Bootcamp. Selected international media start-ups present their product ideas.  A jury of experts picks the winner. (14:30-15:30h, Room Addis Abeba)

Tuesday, May 28th

10:00-10:45h   Project LIMES & DW Innovation–general Q&A
11:00-12:30h   Content Verification -- Truly Media & WeVerify
12:45-13:30h   Drone Journalism & Cinematography: Project MultiDrone
13:45-15:15h    VR & Immersive Media: Project V4Design
15:30-16:15h   Project LIMES & DW Innovation: general Q&A

More useful links:

-> Full conference program
-> Registration

-> Media accreditation

For social media updates, follow @dw_gmf and @dw_innovation respectively.
The official hashtag of the event is #dw_gmf.

See you at the Global Media Forum in Bonn!

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