Meet Us @ Google News Lab Summit 2015

When: 01-02 December 2015 Where: Google Headquarters, Mountain View, CA, USA What is it? Google created the News Lab in 2015 "to support the creation and distribution of the information that keeps us all informed about what's happening in our world today---quality journalism." In short: Google wants to help media people to better do their job by offering its tools specifically for journalistic work. The Google News Lab Summit is a Google initiative to make this strategy better known. It opens up the News Lab to the outside world, giving people an impression of how Google aims to get this done.

Why are we there?

Our colleague Benedikt Metzen was invited by Google to learn more about their News Lab and the mission behind it. Joining other journalists and media experts, he is spending two days at the Summit in Mountain View, Californina, to get an overview on the technologies and projects from Google that could/will influence the news industry in the future.

We expect insights and interesting discussions on possible journalism formats and reporting tools offered by Google. As Google does neither allow for any live reporting (via Twitter) nor the posting of content discussed during the summit or photos from the events, there will be no coverage on our twitter channel this time. You can of course follow Google News Labs directly via @googlenewslab.

Lets hope the Google supported future of journalism will not be as closed-off as the pre-events.

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