Meet Us @ The “Challenges of Journalism in The 21st Century – Automated Journalism and AI Journalism” Conference

Due to the Corona crisis, there’s still no way to catch up with us in person, which is unfortunate. However, a lot of interesting events have gone virtual, so you can at least see us live on a computer screen every now and then. For example at the upcoming Czech media conference “Challenges of Journalism in the 21st Century – Automated Journalism and AI Journalism.”

When: September 24th
Where: Charles University, Prague (virtual event)

What is it?
It's an academic conference that aims to reflect on "the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) methods in journalism". There are four AI focus topics, namely: Newsgathering, News Production, News Distribution, and AI Ethics. The event is organized by the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism (Faculty of Social Sciences) at Charles University.

Why are we there?
Two reasons, basically:

  • Automation and AI in media have been at the heart of several DW Innovation projects for years now, and we'd like to keep in touch with the research community.

  • At 13:30h, our Peggy van der Kreeft (@peggyvdkreeft) will give a talk on "Automation in NLP to optimize editorial workflows for international broadcasters". NLP ist short for natural language processing, and the session will revolve around DW's latest (and most successful) projects in the field: The cross-lingual media monitoring platform SUMMA (as well as its successors SELMA and Monitio), the transcription, translation, subtitling and voice-over tool plain X (which originated in the news.bridge project), and GoURMET, a joint-venture that focuses on developing machine translation modules for low-resourced languages.

More info
To find out more about the conference, get in touch with the organizers and access the livestream, check out this website.

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