Meet Us @ REVEAL UGC Verification Workshop

When: 16 September 2016 Where: Plaza Resort Hotel, Athens, Greece What is it? On Friday 16 September 2016 the REVEAL project consortium is hosting a one day workshop south of Athens, Greece, in which participants will raise and discuss various aspects of social media verification. This includes showcasing how technology can aid in the process.

The event kicks off with two keynotes by practitioners and experts in the area of eyewitness media and user-generated content verification. These are Dhruti Shah, a BBC journalist who has been working for the Corporation's User-Generated Content and Social Media Hub for about five years, and Sam Dubberley, co-director of Eyewitness Media Hub, formerly Head of the EBU's Eurovision News Exchange and an authority in the field of user-generated content in news. The keynotes will raise various aspects of dealing with user-generated content, including challenges in the verification process, how technology can aid and what to watch out for.

In the sessions that follow, outcomes and achievements of the research projects PHEME (studying the spread of speculation, controversy, misinformation and disinformation in Social Networks), InVID (focusing on video verification) and REVEAL will be presented. Talks will be supplemented by hands-on demos during the breaks.

The day is rounded off with a round table discussion with the keynote speakers and representative of the three research projects.

Who should attend?

This workshop is for you if you

  • are working in the media industry and are interested in modern ways to assess the trustworthiness of information found in Social Networks;
  • want to find out more about challenges and pitfalls regarding the verification of eyewitness media;
  • are interested in research and new technologies that analyse multimedia content to discover information related to trust and credibility;
  • are working in industries and sectors in which the discovery of information residing in Social Networks is important;
  • want to network with experts in the field;
  • want to meet a wide variety of specialists, ranging from academia and research to industry to practical journalism;
  • are looking for future collaboration opportunities.

Why are we there?

We are there because we are a partner in the REVEAL project and our / REVEAL's Jochen Spangenberg organized the workshop, together with ATC colleagues Eva Jaho and Nikos Sarris: Jochen will furthermore moderate the event. He is joined by his DW Innovation / REVEAL colleague Ruben Bouwmeester, who will explain about our work in REVEAL as well as other activities we are pursuing in the field of UGC verification.

You can contact DW Innovation directly via Twitter @dw_innovation, follow the action via the official hashtag #smvw16 or meet up with Jochen and Ruben at the event on 16 September 2016 in Athens.

A detailed agenda and more information about the event are available on the REVEAL website (the article also formed the basis for this contribution).

If you still want to join the workshop, please send an email requesting a place with your name, contact details and affiliation to [Eva Jaho](mailto:e.jaho[at] for UGC Workshop) at ATC, as there may be some last minute cancellations and we can still get you a place (btw: the workshop is completely free of charge–if you register, the REVEAL project even invites you to join the complimentary networking dinner on Friday evening.)

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