Meet Us @ The Conference for Truth and Trust Online 2020

When: October 16th & 17th
Where: The Internet (virtual event) What is it? The Conference for Truth and Trust Online wants to assemble all stakeholders that care about "improving the truthfulness and trustworthiness of online communications", be it media scholars, journalists, activists, or industry representatives. Talks and sessions deal with all kinds of social media and information problems–and potential countermeasures.

Why are we there?

Trust in online media/news is one of our core topics, especially when it comes to the narrower field of verification, fact checking, and countering false information. At TTO 2020, Ruben Bouwmeester and Patrick Aichroth (Fraunhofer IDMT)  will discuss Deepfakes detection, or more specifically: the ongoing Google DNI project Digger, which is about detecting manipulated and synthetic media with the help of audio forensics technology. The talk will have a focus on "the challenges of transferring scientific expertise into the media domain, making it intelligible and usable to non-forensics experts, and the importance of adopting a 'falsification culture' for media".

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