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MONITIO: Building a New Generation of AI-Powered Media Monitoring Tools

Human language technology (HLT), multilingual media monitoring, and data visualization have become focus topics at DW Innovation. A couple of months ago, we helped kick-off yet another project in that field of work: MONITIO.

MONITIO, an EU-funded FTI effort, is about improving, extending, and scaling a cutting-edge media monitoring platform that relies on a number of AI tools to do its magic. MONITIO gives users an overview of what has been published about basically any topic, person, location, or brand they are interested in. It scans sources in many languages (35 by the end of the project in February 2023), subsequently offers a short or longer digest in a lingua franca (e.g. English), a number of diagrams to analyze content at a glance, and a "sanity check".

MONITIO prototype screenshot: Multilingual overview of trending news stories around the world
MONITIO prototype screenshot: Analytics view in English

All these features exist thanks to sophisticated AI modules that take care of automated transcription, translation, summarization, metadata generation, named entity recognition and linking. An integrated verification tool refutes or supports claims appearing in selected content by generating related questions and searching for and analyzing other content sources.

MONITIO is run by a consortium of four partners: Portuguese Media tech company Priberam serves as the platform developer, the University of Cambridge is in charge of the smart verification system. Danish PR agency Scandinavian Communications defines a Go-to-Market Strategy while Deutsche Welle is responsible for MONITIO's main pilot use case and will test the platform in the field.

Unlike in traditional Innovation Actions (IAs) or Research and Innovation Actions (RIAs), the FTI partners do not start from scratch, but build on a solid platform prototype that has been developed in three previous projects, one of which DW participated in (namely: SUMMA). The new consortium now wants to create a fully-fledged, sustainable product ready for the international market by spring 2023, when the project ends. Core target groups include media publishers, news agencies, monitoring organisations, PR agencies, SMEs, and government agencies.

MONITIO project and product websites are in the making. For updates, follow @monitio_project on Twitter.

Alexander Plaum
Nico Patz
Peggy van der Kreeft