MultiDrone: Improving Media Production From Above

In times of low editorial budgets but increased appetite for spectacular video footage, journalism is looking for new ways to overcome restrictions in reporting large global events. With media technology rapidly becoming better and cheaper, new opportunities arise — such as the use of civil drones for new angles on video storytelling.

With MultiDrone, the Innovation Team of Deutsche Welle is entering a new Horizon2020 research project, that is going to explore the possibilities of using multiple drones for media production processes and advanced drone cinematography.

The research team consists of a total of nine research institutes, media partners, and technology providers from across Europe. The main focus of the three-year project will be on decisional autonomy as well as increasing safety and robustness of a swarm of drones. This includes localization and tracking, ‘cinematographic intelligence’ and visual effects while filming. The project will also take a closer look at soft limitations like ethical and legal restrictions for working with multiple drones.

The MultiDrone Consortium at the kick-off meeting in Bristol

Deutsche Welle's Innovation team will support the project through requirements gathering and system evaluation. It will also lead the dissemination activities, ensuring a broad coverage of the project's work on its website and through its social channels.

Project length: January 2017–December 2019 Project Website: Twitter Channel: @MultiDroneEU

Tilman Wagner