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Open Call: TruBlo Has More Budget for Innovative Ideas

On January 27, Next Generation Internet (NGI) project TruBlo started its 3rd open call. The consortium is now looking for candidates interested in working on trustable content projects that use blockchain technology. Applicants may receive up to 175.000 Euros, equity-free.

TruBlo–a cascade funding project backed by the European Union–is once again looking for early stage ideas. Applications can be filed by single individuals or by teams (that can also feature members from different organizations). The application process is straightforward, all necessary documents are provided on the TruBlo website. A tip from the organizers: Applicants should reflect on improving content quality on a meta level–with the help of blockchain technology.

Projects funded so far

TruBlo already conducted two open calls and has so far selected 25 projects for funding. Here are a couple of examples to show the range of ideas:

  • D-SBOM (Distributed Software Bills of Material) is providing a solution that documents and distributes information on all software used in IoT devices–which is is important in the context of internet security.
  • Moncon is working on a framework that allows creators to securely sell content, using micropayments.
  • TrustCad is building an innovative and sustainable cadastre and land property registry.

Webinar and deadline

On February 8, 2022, TruBlo and Berlin Partner are hosting an online event focusing on the third open call. The webinar will explain details regarding the application and also feature representatives of already funded projects who will talk about the TruBlo experience. This page has more info and a registration form for the event.

Open Call #3 will run for two months–with a March 30th deadline. It is the final funding call in the scope of TruBlo.

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