Project news.bridge Is Good To Go

Making audiovisual/broadcasting content available in virtually any language–this is the goal of news.bridge, yet another human language technology (HLT) undertaking of ours that was kicked off in late January.

Since we already published a post on news.bridge last summer, we'll be very brief here and simply quote the new website:

"We're building a platform that integrates the best off-the-shelf tools in the field of automatic transcription, translation, summarization, and voice-over generation. To help you pick the right NLP (= natural language processing) tool for your tasks, we're also working on a benchmarking service. Last, but not least, there will be an editor to manually improve output–because we all know that NLP hasn't reached perfection yet."

The news.bridge consortium involves three other European partners (LETA, LIUM, Priberam) and is funded by Google's Digital News Initiative. news.bridge will be closely linked to other HLT projects DW has been involved in (first and foremost: SUMMA and Sixth Sense Retrieval) and will be running until June 2019.

If you are a journalist or a documentary filmmaker dealing with multilingual content, be sure to join us as a beta tester of the platform (already up and running). If you are with a software company or university that is developing NLP tools, consider becoming a contributor/partner.

Finally, don't forget to follow news.bridge on Twitter!

Alexander Plaum