Public Service Media and Big Data: EBU Publishes Video Interviews With Experts

Speakers and delegates at the EBU Big Data Conference in Geneva, March 2018 Big data, i.e the concept of thoroughly analyzing large data sets to find patterns and gain novel insights, isn't just for IT geeks and corporate consultants anymore. It has also become increasingly important in public service media (PSM). Which is why the EBU is giving the topic extra attention and launched a "Big Data Initiative".

“Well-adapted big data strategies can help PSM organizations in many different ways including understanding cross-platform audiences, creating powerful data journalism stories, enhancing the audience experience, boosting content creation via data-driven editorial production and programming, streamlining business processes, and identifying new products and services to offer”, the EBU’s Guenaëlle Collet says on the initiative’s official website.

In a recent update, the PSM alliance has published a collection of video interviews with data experts conducted in the scope of their last Big Data conference in Geneva in March 2018.

One of the data connoisseurs interviewed was our Mirko Lorenz. He is convinced that “crunching the numbers” is what makes a company successful in this day and age — and therefore public services should apply the principles, too, albeit in a carefully dosed way. Furthermore, Mirko believes that modern media organizations need interdisciplinary data journalism teams — because they are “highly productive” and “can do wonders”. Check out all of his statements and those of other experts in three EBU videos we have embedded here:

Alexander Plaum