Real-Time Analysis and Processing of Heterogeneous News Streams With Big Data Technologies

NEWS-STREAM 3.0 aims to develop editorial systems and tools within a Big-Data-Architecture. They support journalists in filtering out relevant information from heterogeneous data streams in a fast and reliable way.

In addition, journalists are supported in reviewing and verifying filtered information and to categorise data according to context. Journalists will be able to process in near real-time highly dynamic, unstructured data streams from "open data" sources, sensors and social media. At the same time they can enrich this information with structured internal archive material, external knowledge bases and Linked-Open-Data. The News-Stream 3.0 system allows a fused perspective on diverse sources and enables multimodal, contextualised, real-time journalistic research.

The News-Stream 3.0 system provides media and news providers with relevant technologies, which ensure that the task of core journalism can be effectively conducted in a data driven media future.

Deutsche Welle is a user partner with two journalistic use cases: 1. Automatic filtering and aggregation of multiple sources, and 2. Computer Assisted Reporting. Other tasks are the provision of archive material and practical testing of the pilot system.

The project runs from November 2014–December 2017.

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