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TreBlo Is Now TruBlo – And Has Also Launched Its Website

Here’s a quick update on our research and innovation action (RIA) focused on blockchain technology for distributed trust.

To avoid infringements on existing brands and copyrights, Project TreBlo has been renamed Project TruBlo. The acronym and tagline remain the same:

Trusted and reliable content on future blockchains.

To learn more about TruBlo, its goals, and the consortium behind it, check out the project’s new official website:

TruBlo is part of the growing Next Generation Internet (NGI) community, launched by the EU commission. To find out more about this initiative, go here:

Mirko Lorenz (who manages TruBlo together with Birgit Gray) says:

“What’s remarkable about both TruBlo and NGI: The EU is pushing towards the future of tech platforms, but with an emphasis on fundamental values, like privacy and participation. Building a better internet will be a struggle. But it’s one worth getting into.”

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