Watch: Digger @ TTO – detecting deepfakes via audio forensics

In just 12 minutes, learn about the problem of synthetic AV content on social media, novel methods that aim to tackle it, and efforts to bridge the media forensics gap via UI design.

Last month, Ruben Bouwmeester (DW Innovation) and Patrick Aichroth (Fraunhofer IDMT) gave a talk about "Deep fakes–From Rocket Science to Journalism" at the Truth and Trust online conference (TTO). Here's a video recording of that session, which (re-)introduces state-of-the-art verification projects/products like Digger and Truly Media and also explains how audio forensics can help verify digital media. 

Watch and find out what's behind codec / ENF / microphone / phylogeny analysis and partial audio matching. Learn about approaches to detect synthetic AV content with the help of tools that can (eventually) be used in every newsroom:

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