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Watch: Monitoring Air Quality with CALLISTO

The CALLISTO project brings together satellite, sensor and social media data to make air quality information accessible to journalists. In a new video, our colleague Eva Lopez demonstrates how the platform works.

Air pollution can seriously affect our health and the environment. Luckily, satellite, sensor, and other data offer a wealth of opportunities for in-depth journalistic research, so the public can be informed and warned. There's one catch, however: At the moment, few journalists know how to access and interpret the available data. The EU-funded CALLISTO project aims to change that (and also tackles several other issues).

To be more precise, the tools built by the project's consortium allow journalists to investigate up-to-date air quality in a specific place, but also find trends in historical data or predict future developments. In the following video, innovation manager and data journalist Eva Lopez gives a quick demo of the platform's current prototype:

For more info on CALLISTO and its media use case, head over to callisto-h2020.eu where you can also sign up for the project's newsletter or join the official user group.

Andy Giefer