The New York Times Innovation Report – Revised by the Web

You’ve read The Leaked And Already Verbally Knighted Innovation Report from the NYTimes – right? With its 96 pages it is indeed quite a long read. If you haven’t had the time but feel the pressure to read it these links can help give you an insight.

  • First of all: Niemanlab has gone through the document, extracted their key facts and formulated a summary, which you can find here.
    Of course there is a bunch of second opinions and more details on the web (e.g.):

  • Mark Potts wrote for the American Journalism Review about the disappointment The Report instigated in him. For him (and others) the New York Times always was a forerunner in making the transition from print to digital media. Read on what this means for Potts view on the state of online Journalism.

  • Besides the overall and obvious necessary shift to an online first strategy, the Columbia Journalism Review also extracts the importance of the right people in the right places. Have journalists do what they are good at, which is creating the stories. But leave the strategic decisions to others.

So what now? What will the NYTimes really do with these insights?

Where this all will lead is hard to tell. Poynter is trying to make a point to its 'End of the homepage-story', using the NYTimes Report. But besides that, the only sure thing to say is that The Report has stirred up a lot of dust–and it will take some time for it to settle.

So bringing it back to the beginning: In our opinion The Report is a must-read for anyone working in news publishing.

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