We are happy to announce that the team of Deutsche Welle Lab (DW Lab) is joining us for this blog, sharing their projects and videos and thoughts on innovation in journalism. Welcome, Andy Giefer, Angela Kea, and Nadja Scholz!

In case you haven’t heard about the Lab yet, it is “a special place for media experiments within DW”. And to further quote the official “about” text: “The lab team looks for innovative ideas in digital journalism across all DW departments  – and helps to bring them to fruition: Candidates are chosen via applications and pitches, and are eventually invited to the lab. This is where they meet a carefully selected, interdisciplinary team. Over the course of two weeks, the ‘labsters’ collaboratively create a working prototype – which may subsequently become a part of DW’s programming or infrastructure.”

Since its creation in early 2017, the lab has completed more than 20 intriguing prototype projects, covering all kinds of technologies and platforms from augmented reality to social bots and from Amazon Alexa to Facebook Live. A selection is featured in this teaser video:

We’re looking forward to documenting more of the Lab’s work on this blog soon. Andy, Angela, and Nadja will also join us on other social media, more specifically DW Innovation on Twitter and DW Innovation on LinkedIn.