When: February 28th

Where: London, UK

What is it?

The Content Workflow Management Forum caters to all organisations involved in the production and distribution of entertainment programming. Its focus is on improving content production workflows and exploring new technologies with regard to the industry’s specific needs and challenges. The Forum is hosted by the European Branch of the Media and Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) and the Hollywood IT Society (HITS).

Why are we there?

DW will be a part of the Forum’s Localisation Technology Showcase that deals with issues like the proper implementation of machine translation tools or synthetic voices. We’ll show what our SUMMA and news.bridge platforms can contribute today – and what stakeholders can expect from the recently launched GoURMET project. Our presenter in London will be human language technology expert Peggy van der Kreeft, who’s also available for networking and Q&A sessions over a cup of (hazelnut-flavored) coffee.

Check out the official MESA page for a detailed program and a schedule of the event.