When: April 18th

Where: Cologne, Germany

What is it?

ECIR is short for European Conference on Information Retrieval, a major get-together of IT and media professionals that actually started on April 14th. ECIR Industry Day is the fifth and final day of the event, focusing on applied information retrieval technology and featuring various sessions, demos, and a social program.

Why are we there?

DW Innovation will attend to discuss and promote its various ongoing human language technology (HLT) projects. Peggy van der Kreeft is scheduled to talk about “SUMMA, news.bridge, and GoURMET – Language technology and automated information retrieval at DW” towards the end of ECIR Industry Day Session #3, sometime around noon. Alexander Plaum will also be present to answer questions related to DW’s HLT projects. During breaks and after the final session, visitors are also welcome to take a look at the finished SUMMA platform and the news.bridge prototype at DW’s ECIR booth.

Follow this link for a detailed schedule of ECIR Industry Day.
The event’s official hashtag is #ECIR2019.

Photo: Mikael Kristenson/Unsplash