When: 27–28 May, 2019

Where: World Conference Center Bonn, Germany

What is it?

DW’s international conference for representatives from media, politics and civil society to exchange ideas on global trends. GMF is held once a year, and recent instalments have drawn an audience of 2000+ people.

Why are we there?

DW is hosting it, the discussed topics are highly relevant for us – and we’re going to have our own booth – or more precisely: a booth we share with Project LIMES (which is run by us and Contentflow).

Find us on the ground floor in the main building (booth #15):


Naturally, we’re not just going to hand out flyers and business cards – we’ve prepared a full program with demos, presentations, and talks:

Monday, May 27th

10:15-11:00h   Welcome & Introduction to Project LIMES & DW Innovation
11:15-12:00h   Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers: Project Bloomen
12:15-13:00h   Algorithms & Personalization: Project CPN
13:15-14:00h   Human Language Technology @ DW: news.bridge & GoURMET
14:15-15:00h   Business & Data Journalism: Project euBusinessGraph
15:15-16:00h   Data-Driven Journalism & Visual Journalism @ DW
16:15-17:00h   Project LIMES & DW Innovation: general Q&A

Not at the LIMES/DW Innovation booth, but also closely linked to our projects and networks:

Journalists or robots? Pitching session and award ceremony of DW’s first Media Start-up Bootcamp. Selected international media start-ups present their product ideas.  A jury of experts picks the winner. (14:30-15:30h, Room Addis Abeba)

Tuesday, May 28th

10:00-10:45h   Project LIMES & DW Innovation – general Q&A
11:00-12:30h   Content Verification – Truly Media & WeVerify
12:45-13:30h   Drone Journalism & Cinematography: Project MultiDrone
13:45-15:15h    VR & Immersive Media: Project V4Design
15:30-16:15h   Project LIMES & DW Innovation: general Q&A

More useful links:

-> Full conference program
-> Registration

-> Media accreditation

For social media updates, follow @dw_gmf and @dw_innovation respectively.
The official hashtag of the event is #dw_gmf.

See you at the Global Media Forum in Bonn!