When: August 16th & 17th

Where: Cologne

What is it?

INTERACTIVE Festival is an interesting mix of talks, sessions, and workshops focusing on “trends and ideas in the digital sphere”, or more specifically: “their potential as well as their potential consequences. “Participants are invited to discuss questions like: “How is digital technology going to change our lives? Does it make things simpler or more complicated? What effects does it have on business? On politics? On everybody?”

Why are we there?

Once again, INTERACTIVE festival will dedicate one of its tracks to Virtual Reality. A perfect opportunity for us to showcase Fader/VRappr, the VR storytelling editor we’re currently working on. On the first day of the festival, our project partner (and former DW Innovation colleague) Dr. Linda Rath-Wiggins will give a talk on immersive storytelling techniques and join a VR panel. Before and after, Eva Lopez and Alexander Plaum will present the editor in the festival’s lounge and encourage visitors to not only experience the captivating 360/VR stories created so far, but also to try and build a couple of their own.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch via Twitter: dw_innovation, evopez, lxplm. The official hashtag is #InteractiveCGN.

More info and tickets:

Photo courtesy of INTERACTIVE Festival, Cologne