When: 6-10 April 2016

Where: Perugia, Italia

What is it?
The International Journalism Festival in Perugia is all about, surprise… journalism. Over five days, a great variety of topics that are important to journalism will be covered. These include, among others, fact-checking, data journalism, explanatory journalism, the era of video and of mobile, robot journalism, virtual reality, the involvement of readers and the public role of journalism, the crisis of the homepage, the search for a new objectivity, understanding audiences beyond the use of metrics and social networks vs. mainstream media. Attending the event is totally free of charge.

Why are we there?
The vast list of important topics above provides already numerous reasons to attend IJF16 but we’ll also contribute actively: Our Jochen Spangenberg will participate in the panel discussion ‘Automating verification: how far can we go?’, while Wilfried Runde is looking at the bigger picture in “How journalists can save public service media”. Our Ruben Bouwmeester, in turn, will join the discussions in sessions focused on UGC verification and meet up with the international verification community to discuss how our research projects REVEAL and InVID can best support the established UGC verification working processes.

Follow the International Journalism Festival 2016 on Twitter via #IJF16 and catch-up with news from DW Innovation via @dw_innovation. See you there!

(Ruben Bouwmeester)