STOA HLT Workshop

When: January 10th

Where: European Parliament, Brussels

What is it? A meeting of experts dedicated to putting HLT (Human Language Technologies) on the European political agenda.

Why are we there? dw_innovation attends within the scope of SUMMA, an EU-funded project focusing on language applications to facilitate media monitoring, with close collaboration between Deutsche Welle and BBC. SUMMA interests – and those of its broadcasters such as Deutsche Welle, as language technology user partner and content provider – were also conveyed in a study by the STOA (Scientific and Technology Options Assessment) panel of the European Parliament. STOA assesses the current situation of HLT and their implications on the configuration of the Digital Single Market in a multilingual Europe. One of the objectives of the panel is to define a set of policy options in order to boost the development of HLT in Europe.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with Peggy van der Kreeft before or after the event if you have any questions. She will be happy to discuss our work with you. Follow the event via the official hashtags #EUevents and #LanguageTech. Also, make sure to follow us directly via @DW_Innovation.

(Alexander Plaum)