Beta testing digital tools is fun. Beta testing digital tools can also be strenuous, which is why most beta testers stick to a testing schedule and rarely add new work packages. However, much to our delight, our colleague Ole Krogsgaard at Euronews did exactly that: After significantly contributing to the scheduled Fader VR story on the French election launched by Euronews and Vragments last month, he decided that the VR/360 platform our consortium is trying to build should also play a part in his next project. So he took a collection of Euronews 360 footage on the effects of climate change in Europe — and turned it into a Fader story. Because “it just made sense.”

The story was officially published yesterday. Its purpose: Don’t just tell viewers about climate change, but make them experience what climate change actually means. By taking them to places on our continent where glaciers are shrinking, deserts are expanding, scientists are storing seeds in vaults, formerly great wine could turn into swill, and millions of people are in jeopardy when the waters rise:

The story will take several seconds to load. Make sure to watch with a stable broadband connection. Don’t forget to put on headphones. Preferred browser: Chrome.

To find out more about Ole’s work, check out this Medium piece: Experimenting with WebVR, Fader and interactive 360 videos in a newsroom.

(Alexander Plaum)