What is your contribution?

The document embedded below has all the instructions you need, so we’ll be very brief here:
Our colleague Mirko Lorenz and his fellow data experts would like to use crowdsourcing (i.e.: your input) to come up with essential guidelines and rules for data journalists. The final document will later on be published as “The Perugia Pledge”. Perugia as in the city that annually hosts the International Journalism Festival. Pledge as in “I will take data as serious as words.” If completed on time, Mirko will present a first draft of the pledge in Italy in the second week of April.

We’re looking forward to your ideas and comments!

Please note that due to design constraints the editing options offered within this blog post are not as neat as we would like them to be. You can always open the doc in a new fullscreen tab, though. To do so, please click on the following link: bit.ly/perugiapledge

(Alexander Plaum)