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Bloomen is about using blockchain technology for better media content management. Among other things, the project aims to explore wether it’s possible to tag *every* item produced and used by media with a small identifier (“hash”) — which would make the cumbersome job of handling intellectual properties and paying creators much easier.

-> Official Bloomen Website
-> Bloomen on Twitter

Digger is about detecting manipulated and synthetic media with the help of audio forensic tools.

-> Official Digger Website
-> Digger on Twitter

GoURMET aims to develop a sustainable machine translation platform for under-resourced language pairs and domains as well as accompanying tools for analysts and journalists. The project name is an acronym for Global Under-Resourced Media Translation.

-> Official GoURMET Website
-> GoURMET on Twitter

WeVerify addresses content verification challenges through a participatory verification approach, using open source algorithms, low-overhead human-in-the-loop machine learning, and intuitive visualizations.

-> Official WeVerify Website
-> WeVerify on Twitter

V4Design is a project dedicated to repurposing visual and textual content for architecture, design, and virtual reality games.

-> Official V4Design Website
-> V4Design on Facebook
-> V4Design on Twitter 

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