Meet us @ HITS Europe Summit

When: 20 June 2018

Where: London, UK

What is it?
HITS Europe Summit is an annual conference hosted by the Media and Entertainment Alliance Europe, focusing on current technical developments changing the way of creating, managing and distributing creative content. Participants are senior managers from the media and entertainment industry, including companies such as BBC, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures Entertainment or 20th Century Fox. The Hollywood IT Society (HITS) focuses on the impact of Information Technology on the entertainment industry.

Bloomen: Exploring How Blockchain Technology Can Make Life Easier for Creators and Media


Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, smart contracts. If you haven’t been living under a rock the last couple of years, you have probably heard media and tech people mention these buzzwords all the time. A hype is not a meaningful application, though. Here is our take: Blockchain technologies are by and large a new approach to databases or ledgers. Their most important aspect: The entries can be trusted, as they are virtually unalterable and everyone can check them. Hopefully. (more…)