You will not believe how easy it is to learn statistics with SWIRL

Note: This is part of series of interviews and short profiles about data journalism related topics.

According to various sources ‘data scientist’ is the sexiest job of the 21st century. Especially R language skills attract the highest salaries ($100,000 – $125,000 in the United States) according to recently published salary surveys. There is undeniably a high demand for people who are able to analyze and interpret data for the sake of knowledge discovery. (more…)

5 Big Links – November 2013

Short and sweet: Five links that lead to novel views about media, tech and innovation.

1. Must see this month, if you haven’t already: NSA decoded: Impressive, interactive dossier by The Guardian.

2. Infecting an audience: Why great stories spread. Worthwhile re-thinking how to create meaningful communication.

3. Times are changing, so journalism has to change too: Advice for student news media: Be radically experimental!

4. Helpful: Model Curricula for Journalism Education, a compendium of new syllabi, via Unesco.

5. Tagging in a different way. What could media do with this technology?