Meet us @ International Journalism Festival XII


When: April 11-15, 2018

Where: Perugia, Italy

What is it? One of the biggest and most renowned journalism festivals in the world. An ideal place to meet for reporters, storytellers, media scholars, media project managers, digital innovators. Keynotes and workshops are free of charge.

Why are we there? Short answer: It’s one of those must-attend events (300+ speakers from 50 countries, 700+ sessions/talks/workshops). Longer answer: We’ll exchange ideas with colleagues from all over the world, and DW (Research & Cooperation projects and other departments) will extensively contribute to the festival’s program again: (more…)

Meet us @ International Journalism Festival 2016


When: 6-10 April 2016

Where: Perugia, Italia

What is it?
The International Journalism Festival in Perugia is all about, surprise… journalism. Over five days, a great variety of topics that are important to journalism will be covered. These include, among others, fact-checking, data journalism, explanatory journalism, the era of video and of mobile, robot journalism, virtual reality, the involvement of readers and the public role of journalism, the crisis of the homepage, the search for a new objectivity, understanding audiences beyond the use of metrics and social networks vs. mainstream media. Attending the event is totally free of charge.