Augmented Reality Journalism, Drone Journalism, Journalism of Things: A Closer Look at Three New Kinds of Tech-Driven Reporting

Augmented Reality Journalism, Drone Journalism, Journalism of Things: A Closer Look at Three New Kinds of Tech-Driven Reporting

There are those who say that when you are occupied with creating and disseminating fact-based reports dealing with current events, that will always be called journalism – no matter what kind of tools you enlist. However, other people argue that there is a significant difference between writing a standard newspaper article and putting out a multilayered, interactive digital story that features text, pictures, videos, audio, and data repositories. While we hope that there continues to be a common denominator, we tend to agree that there are now indeed very different kinds of journalism, some of them driven by technologies that were in their infancy or not available just a decade ago. In the following post, we will take a closer look at three new (sub)categories of digital reporting that are particularly appealing to us and have played a significant role in recent projects: Augmented Reality (AR) Journalism, Drone Journalism, and Journalism of Things (JoT).


Meet us @ International Journalism Festival 2016


When: 6-10 April 2016

Where: Perugia, Italia

What is it?
The International Journalism Festival in Perugia is all about, surprise… journalism. Over five days, a great variety of topics that are important to journalism will be covered. These include, among others, fact-checking, data journalism, explanatory journalism, the era of video and of mobile, robot journalism, virtual reality, the involvement of readers and the public role of journalism, the crisis of the homepage, the search for a new objectivity, understanding audiences beyond the use of metrics and social networks vs. mainstream media. Attending the event is totally free of charge.


Eyewitness Media and Verification

Image by Ruben Bouwmeester

One of the focal points of the REVEAL project is the verification of eyewitness media (or user-generated content as it is still commonly referred to.) The project team develops algorithms and interfaces that are to aid in verification of content residing in social networks, evaluates the legal situation when it comes to social media analysis and processing, and looks at the market in the journalism and enterprise field. This post documents the state of affairs in the area of eyewitness media  – and investigates what it means for journalism. (more…)

Meet us @ DW GMF2015

Media and Foreign Policy in the Digital Age

GMF 2015When: 22 – 24 June 2015
Where: World Conference Center, Bonn, Germany

What is it?
The Global Media Forum is Deutsche Welle’s yearly main media conference. It is organized and lead by Deutsche Welle focusing on the media’s role in the world. Every year it attracts more than 2,000 participants from around the world bringing together experts from the fields of media, politics, culture, business, development cooperation and academia. (more…)