XR and The Metaverse: Potential, Impact, Hype, and Hubris

XR and The Metaverse: Potential, Impact, Hype, and Hubris

Terms like “XR” and “metaverse” are all the rage (again) and have made almost every tech trends list this year. Media producers expect a steady increase in immersive content consumption, business gurus even see a whole new computing platform on the horizon. Time for a quick recap of the medium, its relevance, and its potential – especially with regard to news media organizations.


Project LIMES: The Future of Augmented, Interactive Live Streaming


With the arrival of high-end smart device cameras, sophisticated gimbals, 4G, and platforms like Twitch or Facebook Live, video live streaming has become immensely popular. Journalists have used the technology to cover breaking news right when and where they are breaking, do spontaneous interviews on a popular social media platform, or cover that really long, yet potentially important press conference both in full and on a budget. Unfortunately, journalistic live streams run the risk of becoming rather boring after a while. They might be exclusive, but they also lack dramaturgy, editing, extra features – which is why viewers tend to tune out. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Journalistic livestreams could be more compelling, and we’ve just started a new DNI project that is ready to tackle the challenge: LIMES, short for Livestreaming & Mixed Reality Management System. (more…)