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Web Multimedia Verification

UGC verification

When: 29 June 2015

Where: Torino Incontra, Centro Congressi, Torino, Italy

What is it?
The availability of devices with multimedia capabilities (e.g. smartphones), available bandwidth and networking capabilities, plus the ever increasing use of social media such as Twitter and Facebook have led to an explosion of user-generated content, or eyewitness media. Increasingly, such content is being used for reporting stories or documenting events. Establishing the authenticity and veracity of eyewitness media is an increasingly challenging task, especially in settings where time is a scarce resource (e.g. in breaking news reporting) or the amount of data to be analyzed is significantly large. In turn, failure to verify multimedia content may have severe consequences ranging from personal and brand reputation damage to widespread panic among civilians in the case of natural disasters.

5 Big Links – February 2014

Short and sweet: Five links that lead to novel views about media, tech and innovation.

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3.  How to separate fakes from facts in the online world?
Learn how to verify User Generated Content via EJC’s newly published verification handbook. If interested please follow our new project Reveal (via website or twitter) and get your weekly updates on Social Media verification.
4.  Improve your data visualization skills by learning from good examples.
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5.  Even in times of multimedia storytelling, content is still king!
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5 Big Links – January 2014

Short and sweet: Five links that lead to novel views about media, tech and innovation.

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2.  Multimedia Storytelling will become bigger, better and more interactive.
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via Nieman Journalism Lab