Reads in Tweets – January 2016

Short and tweet: Five tweets from last month you shouldn’t miss.

Reads in Tweets Cover Images January 2016We spend quite some time reading social news from around the web and there is lots of good stuff out there. We’d like to share what we found: Here’s our list from January.

What’s the matter with online journalism?

The New York Times Innovation Report revised by the web.

NYTimes on Tablet

Credit: jfingas via Compfight cc

You’ve read The Leaked And Already Verbally Knighted Innovation Report from the NYTimes – right? With its 96 pages it is indeed quite a long read. If you haven’t had the time but feel the pressure to read it these links can help give you an insight:


Digital Journalism Workshop: “Lost in the jungle”


The volume of digital information streams is constantly increasing. How can journalists keep track of an almost unmanageable flood of data without getting “lost in the jungle”?

Social media channels generate new information every minute every single day. Journalists not only have to monitor and research this information, but also separate out true important data from mere noise and misinformation or even fake content.

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